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Super Green Pasta

Last week I said I had a new favorite vegetable preparation. I think I spoke too soon. This Super Green Pasta is my new favorite. It has only 6 ingredients, takes about 15 minutes to make, and is silky delicious … Continue reading

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Saag Paneer

We are getting lots of greens in our CSA share of late, here is a great way to use lots of those greens up. Saag is a quick easy one dish meal or side dish. It travels well and is … Continue reading

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Pizza Beans From Smitten Kitchen

Earlier this year I posted a recipe for Greens and Beans. Beans with vegetables are a staple at my house. I was telling Wyatt how, for a quick dinner I often open a can of beans and a jar of … Continue reading

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Greens and Beans

Stop me if you have heard this one before. Greens and beans, my comfort food. Like most comfort meals you can use what you have on hand and what you like. I had a little more than 1 bunch worth … Continue reading

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Chard Pizza

Friday nights are often pizza nights here. I like to clean out the refrigerator vegetable and cheese drawer and throw whatever I find on the pizza. This Friday I had some chard, so I made a couple of chard pizzas … Continue reading

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Chard Breakfast Quesadilla

We are getting into Summer vegetables and Swiss Chard is a favorite of mine. I did a post a while back called Chard 101 covering the basics of this great vegetable. If you aren’t familiar with chard you might want to check … Continue reading

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Pan Roasted Garbanzo Beans and Braised Chard

Beans and greens are very good friends. You can not go wrong pairing the two. Pan roasting the garbanzo beans does two things. 1. It makes the beans creamy 2. The oil used is flavored by the beans and transfers … Continue reading

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Chard 101

Chard is basically a leafy beet plant without a root. It is related to beets, spinach and quinoa, not kale, it’s not a brassica. Wash your chard, don’t soak it. It will loose nutrients if you soak it. Almost all … Continue reading

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Greens with Lemon and Honey

1 green garlic (or 2 cloves garlic) 1 walking onion (or 1/2 medium onion) 1 bunch any cooking greens (chard, kale, rabe, mustard, nice tops from beets or turnips, braising mix, etc) 2 tsp. agave nectar (to taste) 1 lemon, … Continue reading

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Chard Stem Gratin

Submitted by Marilyn leftover chard stems (broccoli or cauliflower would be good this way too) bits of fried bacon or pancetta, optional chopped/sliced garlic chopped parsley seeded, coarsely chopped tomato or roasted pepper optional cream grated cheese, optional Bring a … Continue reading

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