Pizza Beans From Smitten Kitchen

Earlier this year I posted a recipe for Greens and Beans. Beans with vegetables are a staple at my house. I was telling Wyatt how, for a quick dinner I often open a can of beans and a jar of tomatoes or tomato sauce, add some vegetables, toast some bread, throw an egg on it and call it dinner…he said he never makes beans. I can’t imagine.

Wyatt, this one’s for you. Make some beans.

I saw this recipe for Pizza Beans, it is pretty much what I make as a staple meal, but a little gussied up. This would be a perfect dish for a potluck.


I followed the recipe almost to the letter so I won’t post it here, just use the original recipe. I took some pictures so you can see how easy it is. I used 1 pound of dry white navy beans and cooked them in my pressure cooker. The recipe calls for butter beans. I used what I had and I really liked it. I think you could use almost any bean, or even a couple of cans of store bought canned beans if you don’t have time to make beans from scratch.

First  chop up your vegetables. Actually quite a few vegetables, saute the firm vegetables and when they are soft add a bunch of chopped kale, chard or spinach would work too. Saute that until it is wilted.


Add your cooked beans to the vegetables. I added the bean broth instead of the wine the recipe called for. If you use canned beans I would drain them and use wine or vegetable broth, mix that up and add in the tomatoes.


Cook that down just a little. I moved my beans from the skillet to another dish, I was worried it might spill over in the oven. Do whatever you are comfortable with. Then top all that with some cheese and bake it until the cheese is melty.


When I took the first bite I was mad at myself for not adding olives and mushrooms-It is called Pizza Beans right? Duh. Sausage would be great too-pepperoni(!?). I think I’ll try to add some pizza toppings ON TOP of the cheese next time I make this, like tomatoes and mushrooms on top. This will be a go to meal for us I can tell.

Two more CSA weeks left. I’ll see you at pickup.



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  1. I do something similar to this but top with fresh chopped lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa and call it Chili Plate

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