Three Sisters Quesadilla


Yum. I think this is my favorite quesadilla.

Three Sisters is an agricultural term for 3 main crops native to America; corn, squash and beans. The three plants benefit each other when grown together. They also benefit each other when eaten together!

Grating the zucchini and mixing it with the other ingredients, especially the cheese, melds all the ingredients and they come together in a cohesive satisfying filling. This isn’t overly cheesy like some quesadillas tend to be.

To make 4 really substantial and filling quesadillas you will need;

8 tortillas

2 ears of cooked corn.

1 can of beans drained-I had black beans, use what you like.

2 zucchini grated then squeezed  like you are making a snowball, to get as much water out so you don’t have a soggy quesadilla.

1 cup of grated cheese-I used Manchego and cheddar-goat cheese is really good too, you don’t need as much goat cheese.

I decided I wanted to add a jalapeno at this point-so I did, then I mixed everything up.

Now you just make a quesadilla; heat a tortilla in a pan, add the filling, put another tortilla on top of the filling, when the filling is warm and the tortilla is brown flip it and brown the other side. Be careful flipping it, sometimes the filling likes to jump out.

Cut it into wedges and eat.


I had some leftover filling so I made pizza.


Have a great week, see you at pickup.


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CSA Week 13

Hello CSA Members!

Here is what we *hope* to bring you for Week 13 of our CSA:

Japanese Eggplant

CHOICE: Basil OR Garlic OR Parsley OR Mint
CHOICE: Bell Peppers OR Zucchini
CHOICE: Eggplant OR Onions
CHOICE: Beets OR Broccoli
CHOICE: Corn OR Roasted Chilis
CHOICE: Kale OR Chard OR Collards

Corn AND Roasted Chilis
Two Other Items

Peaches and Plums



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Grilled Ratatouille


Ratatouille; ra·ta·touille “a vegetable dish consisting of onions, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers, fried and stewed in oil and sometimes served cold.”

OK, maybe not traditional ratatouille, but close. I didn’t have any peppers and I added some corn. Like always I use what I have and you should too. I also didn’t want to heat up the kitchen so I used the grill. This whole meal took less than a half hour  to make start to finish (longer if you are taking pictures) 😊

This is a photo recipe.

Grilled Ratatouille

Gather the vegetables you are using and prepare them to be grilled. I cut most of my vegetables in half length wise. Everything else I sliced about 1 inch thick. Throw everything but the tomatoes (and corn, if using) into a bowl and season with oil and salt and pepper.

The tomatoes will cook really fast and you want all the juice from the tomatoes, so season them separately.

I had 3 eggplant, 3 tomatoes, 3 little onions and two ears of corn. This was plenty for 4 servings.

Put everything on a medium hot grill and don’t walk away. Everything will cook fast. I only grill the tomatoes on the skin side, again to preserve the juices.

The vegetables will cook at different rates. Remove the cooked ones onto a cutting board to cool as they get done. Put the tomatoes into a bowl, you can reuse the same bowl you used to season the vegetables with. When they are cool enough, squeeze the tomatoes and break them up with your hands. I pulled out most of the skin, what you do with your tomato skin is up to you. Chop up the vegetables into bite size pieces and add them to the bowl.

I cut up my corn into little ‘cobbettes’ because I think they are fun to eat like that. You might not have or want corn, or you might want to cut it off the cob. Again, totally up to you. Regardless. Season the grilled ratatouille with a nice vinegar and olive oil and salt and pepper and mix everything up really well and taste and adjust to your liking.

I made some fresh corn polenta and we had a delicious Farm Fresh meal.


Have a great week.



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CSA Week 12

Hello CSA Members!

Here is what we *hope* to bring you for Week 12 of our CSA:

Bell Peppers

CHOICE: Zucchini OR Squash Blossoms OR Basil
CHOICE: Eggplant OR Bell Peppers
Shishito Peppers
CHOICE: Beets OR Cabbage
CHOICE: Onions OR Garlic
CHOICE: Kale OR Swiss Chard OR Collard Greens

Eggplant AND Bell Peppers
One Other Item




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Corn, Bean and Barley Salad


I made this for a neighborhood potluck we had this weekend and it was a big hit. Even my husband said ‘this salad is really, really good’. He’s never said that about a salad-ever. He is meat and potatoes guy. I guess he’s a corn, beans and barley guy too.


This makes a boat load, like probably 8 to 10 big servings. It holds really well, travels well and tastes fantastic the next day. I would be happy to have the leftovers, if there were any. You can easily halve this recipe if that suits your needs better.

Corn, Bean and Barley Salad

2/3 cup pearl barley
1 pound  green beans trimmed and cut into bite size pieces
2 ears corn
1 large handful of greens. I had kale, you could use chard, arugula, lettuce, or you could leave the greens out.
1/2 cup  olive oil
1/4 cup vinegar I used white wine
3 tablespoons minced red onion or shallots
a few tablespoon minced fresh herbs. I had basil and parsley
1 tablespoon of your favorite mustard
Crumbled or shredded cheese for topping-I didn’t use any this time.

Cook barley in medium saucepan of boiling salted water until tender, about 30 to 40 minutes. Drain; cool. Transfer to large bowl.

Cook beans in large pot of boiling salted water until bright green, about 3 minutes. Don’t drain water, just fish the beans out of the water with a slotted spoon into a colander.  Drain the beans well. Transfer to bowl with barley. Add corn to boiling water and cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Dry and cut kernels from cob, then add to salad bowl. Coarsely chop washed and dried greens; add to bowl with barley mixture.


Whisk the dressing ingredients together in small bowl to blend. Pour enough dressing over barley mixture to coat, I used it all but taste it to see if you like it, and add more if you need to. Season salad to taste with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with cheese if you are using any.


Have a great week. I’ll see you at pickup.




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CSA Week 11

Hello CSA Members!

Here is what we *hope* to bring you for Week 11 of our CSA:


Herb Choice
CHOICE: Eggplant OR Zucchini
CHOICE: Onions OR Garlic
Kale OR Swiss Chard

Eggplant AND Zucchini
One Other Item



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Kale Caesar Salad

Last week I posted one of my favorite ‘go-to’ meals. So I thought why not post another?

I make this dressing and salad so often I have my ingredients and notes on making it taped on the inside of my kitchen cabinet.


Using kale or any sturdy green with this Caesar dressing makes a really nice basic salad.  You can change the types of vinegar’s and mustard’s to tweak dressing to make it your own. The one secret to making a really great dressing is to taste, taste, taste as you are making it.

This makes enough for a really-really big salad. I usually have leftovers. The leftovers keep for a week, so yay! You can have more salad! For the dressing you will need.



4 whole anchovy fillets-I know some people have a problem with anchovies, sorry, but you need them here.
2 tablespoons mustard any Dijon or any grainy mustard will do
1 tablespoon  vinegar – I almost always use balsamic
1 dash of Worcestershire sauce
2 cloves (or more ) fresh garlic, peeled
1/2 whole lemon, juiced-I often use lime if that is what i have
1/2 cup-I almost always use 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup neutral flavor oil like avocado, using all olive oil is too bitter for me.
1 egg yolk OR 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan- I almost always use an egg yolk and not the Parmesan in the dressing, I put the Parmesan ON the salad, but if you want to use both, go for it!
1 dash salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Wash and dry whatever greens you are using and put them in a bowl big enough to really be able to mix and toss the salad.

Put all the ingredients except for the oils you are using in a food processor or blender and pulse a few time to fully incorporate them all. With the food processor, or blender on slowly drizzle the oil into the other ingredients-slowly, you will hear the ingredients thicken and start to ‘slap”. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it. Taste the dressing and add more lemon or vinegar or garlic if you need to.

I completely forgot to take a picture of the dressing in the food processor-gack…but here is a picture of the salad before I tossed it. I like to put croutons in with the kale and dressing so they soften up a bit. Start with using about 1/2 the dressing and taste and add as you need it. Now toss-toss-mix-mix-taste-taste- really get that dressing on every bit of the salad ingredients.


Now you have a really nice basic satisfying Kale Caesar Salad….


….that you can add any protein or other vegetable or fruit to. We had poached salmon and topped the salmon with this vinaigrette. 


Leftovers are great the next day, the kale holds up really well. Hope this becomes your favorite too.

Have a great week.



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Greens and Beans

Stop me if you have heard this one before. Greens and beans, my comfort food.


Like most comfort meals you can use what you have on hand and what you like.

I had a little more than 1 bunch worth of different greens.

Here is the basic recipe and what else you will need;

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 chopped onion
2 cloves garlic, sliced
Red pepper flakes if you like, they are nice with greens
1 to 1 1/2 bunches of kale, chard, collards, beet greens, anything you have, washed, stems trimmed and chopped.
1 (15- ounce) can of beans. I used white beans today, drained
About 2 cups of any kind of stock you have on hand. Sometimes I use miso,  in a pinch water will do.  But  broth with the greens and beans make a nice pot liquor.

Heat the olive oil over medium heat in a pan large enough to hold all the greens.
Add onion and garlic slices. Saute until tender about 3 minutes. Add the greens and saute until it cooks down slightly. Add the beans and the chicken stock.

Cover and cook for 10 minutes or so and add red pepper flakes if you are using them and taste and see if you need salt or pepper. Greens are naturally salty and stock is usually salted so you might not need any.


I love this with rice or grains or pasta.

Have a great week. I’ll see you at pickup.



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Basil Chimichurri-Vinaigrette Sauce


I’m not sure if this is a vinaigrette or a chimichurri sauce. It is almost a pesto except there are no nuts. I think pestos have to have nuts? Maybe not.

Whatever this sauce is-it is delicious. It is fresh and clean tasting. You can put it on vegetables grilled or raw,  bean or potato salads or grilled meats. And, it couldn’t be more simple.

Assemble all your ingredients and put them in a blender or food processor.

1/2 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons wine vinegar, I had red but white would work too
1 or 2 cloves of garlic peeled and sliced
1 heaping teaspoon good mustard
a good pinch of salt
a big couple of handfuls of fresh basil leaves-at least 1 1/2 to 2 cups

Put everything in the blender and pulse it a few times, then mix on high-speed for 15 to 30 seconds until the sauce is smooth. If the sauce is too thick add a little water or olive oil to thin it out.

This will keep in a covered jar in the refrigerator for a week. Delicious.
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CSA Week 9

Hello CSA Members!

This week’s selections will be contingent on their availability, quantity and ripeness. There may be changes to the share as the week progresses.

Here is what we hope to bring you for Week 9 of our CSA:

Green beans and flowers

CHOICE: Basil OR Parsley OR Squash Blossoms
CHOICE: Zucchini OR Eggplant OR Onions
CHOICE: Beets or Kohlrabi
CHOICE: Kale OR Swiss Chard OR Romaine

Beets AND Kohlrabi
Two Choices: Zucchini OR Eggplant OR Onions
Double Beans
One Other Item



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