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Garlic Chives vs Onion Chives

Every week we try to provide an herb choice with your CSA share. I think that herbs are an easy way to elevate a so-so dish to a ‘wow’ dish, so I really love that herbs are included in our … Continue reading

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Swap Kohlrabi for Artichoke Hearts

I saw an intriguing kohlrabi article in Food52. It said, ‘When kohlrabi is boiled whole and then peeled, the flesh of the vegetable somewhat resembles artichoke hearts, both in flavor and texture.” I had never heard of this analogy so of … Continue reading

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Baked Winter Squash Oatmeal

I like to make this on Christmas morning. It’s easy to throw together, only takes a few minutes to make and the house smells great while it’s baking. I set out different toppings like yogurt, butter and maple syrup, nuts, … Continue reading

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Winter Radish Citrus Salad with Cinnamon Vinaigrette

This is a great salad to add to your winter holiday menu. It’s bright and tangy and crunchy and endlessly adaptable. I used some oranges and candied pecans here. Feta or blue cheese would be great. Celery or onions or … Continue reading

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Classic Leek Vinaigrette

I love this classic French preparation of leeks. I think leeks prepared this way are sort of reminiscent of asparagus. The mustardy vinaigrette is bright and tangy and a perfect accompaniment for heavier winter meals like stews and soups. I … Continue reading

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Cabbage and Vegetable Pancakes

I have made these simple pancakes so many times. I always use cabbage as a base ingredient, the sky, or the remnants of your vegetable drawer, are the limit as to what other vegetables can be used; beets, any greens, … Continue reading

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Simple Winter Squash Soup

This soup feels like an indulgence. It’s creamy and filling, and complex tasting using just a few ingredients and it takes just a few minutes hands on time to make, and just one pot. My favorite thing about this soup … Continue reading

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Batch Roasting Vegetables

There are endless ways to use roasted vegetables. I like to make a weekly big batch of roasted vegetables, especially in the winter, to be able to quickly create several healthy, vegetable dense meals all week and just cook once! … Continue reading

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Roasted Fennel

If you haven’t tried roasting fennel you should. Roasting fennel brings out sweet and caramel flavors and the strong licorice taste of raw fennel becomes very subtle and more rounded. Much how onions become sweet and less sharp when they … Continue reading

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Cauliflower ‘Rice’

I am super late to trying cauliflower rice. I was/am perfectly happy to make and eat rice. I love the flavor and texture so I didn’t see the point in messing with what I thought was already a good thing, … Continue reading

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