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Skillet Apple Crisp

This tastes like a hug. I prefer apple crisp to apple pie. I love everything going on in a crisp: nuts, crunchy bits, chewy oats, tart apples and sweet syrupy juices. Pie always disappoints me, crisps never do. I think … Continue reading

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Cheesy Roasted Pepper Mashed Potatoes

This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. I’ve never shared any holiday food with you on the blog. Now, with the winter CSA I’ll get to! Roasted chilies added to mashed potatoes are so good with turkey and dressing … Continue reading

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Beet and Lentil Borscht

Delicious. Satisfying. Chocked full of vegetables. Filling. Beautiful. I followed this recipe exactly, it’s well written and easy to follow so I am not going to rewrite it. I’ll just link to the the post and post some of my … Continue reading

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2 Easy Acorn Squash Preparations

Acorn squash are a perfect side dish to go with almost any meal. They have a very mild ‘squash’ taste and aren’t as sweet as butternut squash or pumpkins. The skin is edible, I like it. Some people don’t. I’ll … Continue reading

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Different kinds of winter squash-which are interchangeable?

Hello First Time Ever WINTER CSA Members!! I’m super excited about the winter CSA. I love late season and storage vegetables. During the regular season CSA it feels like we are just getting started with late season food when the … Continue reading

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Lentil Soup with Rutabaga and Collards

This is the last week of our regular CSA. Wow, what a year. I really miss being able to have leisurely chats with you. I miss talking about food, hearing what you made with your shares and just talking about … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Risotto

This love making risotto. I have a pressure cooker that I use to make it. I know lots of people have Instant Pots, the two are interchangeable in this (and most) recipes. This risotto is super easy to make with … Continue reading

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Roasted Green Chile Sauce

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a roasted chili sauce before. This is a super delicious and easy sauce you can make with any of the roasted chilies you get in your CSA share. Ue your hot, mild or even … Continue reading

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Super Simple Pickled Watermelon Radish

Radish pickles make any dish a little more tasty and fun and add a really nice crunch to everyday food. They are super quick and easy to make and dress up anything. Try radish pickles on a simple bowl of … Continue reading

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Breakfast Poblano Potatoes

I like to pull all my vegetables out of the refrigerator every week or two to weed out what needs to be used up and decide what is old and should go to the chickens. This is usually when I … Continue reading

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