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Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese

I have made macaroni and cheese from scratch maybe once or twice in my life, this time probably is my third time. I have a really good friend who’s favorite food is mac and cheese and she makes it every … Continue reading

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Cabbage and Carrot Slaw

This is a super simple side dish salad you can make ahead and it will keep for days in your refrigerator. I made a simple vinaigrette not a mayonnaise based dressing. I think it keeps nicer. Mayonnaise gets watery after … Continue reading

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Freezing Corn, Peppers and Roasted Chili Peppers

A couple of years ago I did a post on Freezing Summers Bounty. This is pretty much a repost/reminder  to you that you don’t have to eat all your CSA share in one week. You can easily freeze some and … Continue reading

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Roasted Carrots with Raita

I saw this roasted carrot recipe in the food section of the New York Times a while ago. I knew it would be delicious, what’s not to love? Roasted carrots, crushed salty peanuts served on what is basically raita. The … Continue reading

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Marcella Hazan’s Famous Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes are full on. I have been eating, canning, and drying tomatoes for the last couple of weekends. I love Marcella Hazen’s super popular tomato sauce recipe, I usually make it in the winter with tomatoes I canned in the summer. I … Continue reading

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Cucumber Margaritas

Happy Post-Labor Day weekend This is how we celebrated Summer winding down and saying goodbye to Summer, with cucumber margaritas! For 2 cocktails you’ll need; Some coarse kosher salt and optional chili lime seasoning blend to rim the glasses Lime … Continue reading

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Corn Stock

I really don’t like store bought vegetable stock. I think it often tastes muddy and makes whatever dish I use it in taste muddy as well. If I need vegetable stock and don’t have any homemade I often opt for water with … Continue reading

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About Sorrel and Sorrel Scrambled Eggs

Sorrel is a perennial herb with a bright lemon-green-vegetable flavor, if that makes sense. It is really hard to describe….lemon spinach maybe, but more tender than spinach. The leaves are very tender and sort of melt into whatever dish you … Continue reading

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Dinner and Potluck Ideas Using CSA Vegetables

I love preparing and eating summer vegetables. I don’t have any recipes in this post, just a few pictures of food I made and some I didn’t make, to hopefully inspire you to think outside the box using your shares. … Continue reading

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Zuni Cafe Zucchini Pickles

If you like bread and butter pickles you will love these. The texture of the zucchini is really satisfying for some reason. These are great on sandwiches and burgers. We had hummus and salad and pita for dinner the other … Continue reading

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