Chard Pizza

IMG_0094Friday nights are often pizza nights here. I like to clean out the refrigerator vegetable and cheese drawer and throw whatever I find on the pizza. This Friday I had some chard, so I made a couple of chard pizzas and boy were they good. I took a couple pictures to share here, and maybe inspire you to do something a little different with your CSA  greens and maybe make a chard or kale or spinach pizza.


I usually make my dough, but sometimes I’ll buy the dough from the store. I stretched out the dough, and I shredded about 1/2 a bunch of chard and mixed that with some cheese and a little drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper and red pepper flakes. Then I tossed it in a bowl.

Then I put it on my dough.IMG_0091

And baked it. I could have used more chard. I will use about twice as much next time.


The second pizza I left the chard leaves whole and rubbed a little olive oil on them and I used fresh mozzarella (and pepperoni on 1/2 the pizza).


I liked the second pizza best, with the whole chard leaves.


I think anything we get in our CSA share would be great on a pizza I could have put lots more vegetables on and I will next time.

Have a great week.




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