About Us

Amy and WyattRed Wagon Farm is run by Wyatt Barnes and Amy Tisdale. We have been farming together since 2004. We have two farm locations in Boulder County: one in east Boulder on Valmont Road and the other just north of Boulder near Niwot. We sell our vegetables at the Boulder Farmers’ Market, to our CSA, and to local restaurants.

We believe in growing local food for local people. The vegetables we sell to you are the freshest possible and we are helping to support an important local food system. We believe that we should not be dependent on vegetables grown hundreds or thousands of miles away. Because our produce is sold locally, we use a minimum amount of energy for transportation costs.

We love to grow unusual varieties, but taste is always our top priority. Every season we trial new varieties and look for vegetables that have superior flavor. This may mean unusual heirlooms or mainstream standards.

We strive to have a sustainable farm and to us this means many things. It means using our land, water, and other resources in a responsible way. We farm in a manner that is sustainable for the land and also provides wildlife habitat. We also strive to have a farm that is economically sustainable. This is the only way the farm will continue to operate year after year. That means paying our workers a fair wage and putting money back into the local community.

One of the best parts of having a market farm is that we sell directly to the people who consume our vegetables. We get to share our stories, challenges, and other information with our customers and we also get to enjoy the gratitude they show us.