Celebrate Pride Month with Rainbow Chard

Happy Pride Month to all our LGBTQ+ friends, family, CSA members and co-workers!

We see you, we hear you AND- we want to feed you! What better way than to revisit a favorite tried and true rainbow chard pizza post!

You  can make your own dough and sauce or use store bought. Any pizza is good pizza. It’s all about the topping IMO and rainbow chard is a delicious topping!

Start by chopping up the chard leaves and stems.

See what I did there?

Next I built a pizza with dough, sauce and mixed the cheese with the chard, I used a full bunch of chard and stems on my pizza. I had some squash blossoms in the refrigerator so I chopped those up and threw on top as well as a few of those little mozzarella balls in oil.

Bake it and enjoy. Those mozzarella balls look like roasted hakurei turnips, look how much all that chard collapses. Boy that was a good pizza.


I hope you can grab some rainbow chard this week and make something fun and delicious like this pizza and celebrate our fantastic diverse community, not just this month, but every day.

See you at pickup.






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