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Easy Fresh Corn Polenta

First things first, join me in wishing Mazel Tov to Kai and Joel! They got married this weekend! Much love and happiness to you both. OK, back to business; Fresh polenta. This is a really easy dish to make. Unlike … Continue reading

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Corn Stock

I really don’t like store bought vegetable stock. I think it often tastes muddy and makes whatever dish I use it in taste muddy as well. If I need vegetable stock and don’t have any homemade I often opt for water with … Continue reading

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Three Sisters Quesadilla

Yum. I think this is my favorite quesadilla. Three Sisters is an agricultural term for 3 main crops native to America; corn, squash and beans. The three plants benefit each other when grown together. They also benefit each other when … Continue reading

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Corn, Bean and Barley Salad

  I made this for a neighborhood potluck we had this weekend and it was a big hit. Even my husband said ‘this salad is really, really good’. He’s never said that about a salad-ever. He is meat and potatoes … Continue reading

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Water-mule cocktail, and Corn Tomato Salad.

Happy Labor Day. I wanted to share a couple things I made this weekend with the CSA bounty we got last week. My favorite thing to do with watermelons is to juice them and make cocktails. Last year I posted … Continue reading

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Worms and Organic Corn

Oh my gosh. We grew corn! This is the first year Wyatt has grown corn and look at how beautiful it is! And it is delicious. I ran home and cooked two ears and that was my dinner tonight. Eating … Continue reading

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