Worms and Organic Corn

Oh my gosh. We grew corn! This is the first year Wyatt has grown corn and look at how beautiful it is!


And it is delicious. I ran home and cooked two ears and that was my dinner tonight.

Eating corn isn’t what I wanted to talk about though. I want to talk about this;


The little worm (corn borer) that probably hitchhiked in on each ear of corn. There is almost always only one little borer per ear but still. I get it. It’s a little gross.  But honestly if you want sweet, tender, organic, healthy corn you are probably going to have to deal with one little borer per ear of corn.They don’t eat much and they are only in the tip of the ear of corn, they don’t travel farther than the tip.

If you see a bin of corn at the store without any borers I promise, it was sprayed and sprayed with insecticides and probably shouldn’t eat it.

If you go through and partially shuck each ear of corn until you find one that doesn’t have a borer you will probably go through a dozen ears before you find the ONE without. Two things are wrong with doing this; you waste a TON of corn and the one you find without the borer is probably a little under ripe and won’t be as sweet. Bugs and animals know when fruit and vegetables are ripe.

So, what to do?

Here is how I deal with this little  borer problem. I cut the tip off if all the ears before I cook and shuck them.

Problem solved with no ick factor. You don’t have to find the borer, assume it is there.  Cut off the tip and throw it away, cook, shuck, eat.

Enjoy this weeks bounty. I’ll see some of you at Thursday pick up at the Farm.



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  1. Piebird says:

    Woo hoo! Glad to hear another farm grows organic corn! Just got some from Isabelle; it’s so late this year. Keep wanting to tell you I’m doing the weekly Isabelle CSA veg info via my blog cookandfarmer.wordpress.com this year. It’s been fun to get back into this.

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