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Beet and Lentil Borscht

Delicious. Satisfying. Chocked full of vegetables. Filling. Beautiful. I followed this recipe exactly, it’s well written and easy to follow so I am not going to rewrite it. I’ll just link to the the post and post some of my … Continue reading

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Cabbage and Carrot Slaw

This is a super simple side dish salad you can make ahead and it will keep for days in your refrigerator. I made a simple vinaigrette not a mayonnaise based dressing. I think it keeps nicer. Mayonnaise gets watery after … Continue reading

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Crock Pot Braised Cabbage or Cabbage Soup

This is the last week of 2018 CSA-Week 23. Thank you CSA members, we say it all the time, but I’ll say it again, Red Wagon wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for our Wonderful CSA members. I look … Continue reading

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Small Batch Sauerkraut

Fermented food is so good and so good for you. It is easy and fast to make with just a few ingredients, common kitchen tools and supplies. What are we waiting for? Let’s do this.   Ideally you have a … Continue reading

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Deborah Madison’s Cabbage Panade

Deborah Madison has been a great inspiration to me for years. I have several of her books, including her latest “Vegetable Literacy”. I just finished reading Vegetable Literacy (I am kind of weird in that I read cookbooks cover to … Continue reading

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What do I do with Napa Cabbage?

Happy 4th Everyone!! I heard there are lots of questions about ‘what to do’ with the Napa cabbage you are getting in the CSA share this week. I’ll try to give you some useful ideas. But first, let’s pause for … Continue reading

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Napa Cabbage Storage and Prep

Napa Cabbage is a little different than green or red cabbage. Napa cabbage is more closely related to bok choy so it is more tender and a little sweeter than green cabbage. I think of green cabbage as being rubbery, … Continue reading

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Beet and Carrot Coleslaw

Submitted by Susie (CSA member) “This beet and carrot coleslaw has been popular with my six year old and pretty simple.” beets (boiled and chilled), diced carrots, diced cabbage, diced apple cider vinegar olive oil honey, optional Blend diced vegetables … Continue reading

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