What do I do with Napa Cabbage?

Happy 4th Everyone!!
I heard there are lots of questions about ‘what to do’ with the Napa cabbage you are getting in the CSA share this week. I’ll try to give you some useful ideas.
But first, let’s pause for a moment. Aren’t they beautiful?

napa cabbage

Way to grow 2013 Red Wagon Farm Crew. That is a well grown, perfectly harvested cabbage.

I cut my cabbage in half to make 2 dishes a few days apart. Cabbage, any cabbage, will keep for a long time in an airtight container in the fridge, so don’t feel like you need to use it up this week.
I made a coleslaw to take to a pot-luck and the other 1/2 I did a simple braise/saute’ and served that with rice for dinner for 2.

For the slaw I chopped 1/2 the cabbage up and added some cantaloupe, grapes, jalapenos, onion, basil and some chopped almonds.
I made a classic, but light dressing of;
3 tablespoons mayo
3 tablespoons vinegar. I used white, you can use what you like.
2 teaspoons honey
salt and pepper and about a teaspoon of celery seeds. You could use poppy seed or any seed, or none.


Mix it all up and that is it. The Napa cabbage has a very different texture than green or red cabbage and the taste is different too. I was trying to think how to describe the taste and I would say “Asian” almost a wasabi flavor without the heat.
Several people at the pot-luck asked me what greens I used for the slaw. They thought I used several different varieties. The texture is both crunchy and leafy so it is really nice raw.

I also made a really simple meal with the other 1/2 of the cabbage. I heated some oil in a pan and added some chopped cabbage and about 1/2 an onion.

sauteed cabbage

When that started to heat up I added a glug of liquid (beer, you could use water, or broth, or wine).

adding liquid

The liquid steams and cooks the cabbage quickly, it also makes a nice sauce to serve the dish with grains for dinner.
OK, full disclosurer. The oil I used to heat the pan at the start of this dish was bacon. You obviously don’t have to use that. You can just heat up some olive oil and make this dish.


adding savory

I hope you enjoy your vegetables this week! Did you see next weeks list of what we are getting?
Whooohooo!! Summer is on and so are the summer vegetables!
Have a safe and fun 4th weekend.

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