Crock Pot Braised Cabbage or Cabbage Soup

This is the last week of 2018 CSA-Week 23. Thank you CSA members, we say it all the time, but I’ll say it again, Red Wagon wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for our Wonderful CSA members. I look forward each week to seeing you all at pickups. I love hearing what you liked best from the CSA the week before and what you made with your CSA bounty. I love hearing you say, ‘I can’t decide what to take, I want it all’ and ‘I am so sad this is the last week’. We are too, but we’ll be here next year. Hopefully you will be too.

Thank you too Wyatt, Amy, Javier, Lauren and all the 2018 Farm Crew. I have never seen the farm look so beautiful and productive. Have a restful off season.

OK. On to the braised cabbage.

I love braised cabbage it is the perfect side dish for grains or roasted vegetables or meats. I like to cook it until it is really silky and tender so a crock pot is the perfect method to set it and forget it until you come home to the welcome smell of a hot meal. I made braised cabbage today, but if you prefer soup to braising just add more liquid to the ingredients.

I like to clean out the vegetable bin when I am making braised cabbage or soup. Today I had about 1/2 a head of cabbage and a few other vegetables I added. I can’t think of any vegetable you couldn’t add to a braised dish. Celery root would be great, sunchokes, onions, even apples are good . You can use stock or tomatoes or apple juice or beer for your liquid, or any combination. I don’t think you can screw this up. I had a couple Parmesan rinds I added today.

This is what I used.


Bacon or sausage is always good if you are a meat eater. Eggplant or mushrooms would be good vegetarian options to bulk up this dish.

Cut the core out of the cabbage and wash and cut up all the vegetables you are using into bite size pieces and put everything to the crock pot and add some salt and pepper.


I used about 2 cups of the vegetable broth to the crock pot because I didn’t want soup, I wanted more of a braise. If you want soup add enough liquid to cover the vegetables, maybe use some stock and some canned or fresh tomatoes?

Put the lid on and either cook it on high for 4 or 5 hours or low for 7 or 8 hours.

That’s it. That took about 3 minutes.

I am off to CSA pickup so I will add a picture of it cooked when I get back from work.

I’ll see you at pick up.

Thanks for your support of Red Wagon Farm.



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