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Fresh Garlic

Unless you grow your own garlic or belong to a CSA you may never have seen or eaten fresh garlic. Garlic you buy or that you will get in the next few weeks is dried (cured) for about 2 or … Continue reading

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Pea Shoot and Green Garlic Pesto

I love Pesto!! I love Pesto made from almost anything green. Arugula,  Collards, Sorrel, and of course Basil. This week I wanted some pesto and it is too early for basil and I ate my arugula so I found myself … Continue reading

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Vegetable Carbonara

I posted a recipe for Carbonara last year. I make it so often I thought I would re-post it to show how versatile basic preparations and recipes can be. This time I used up all my vegetable and mushroom odds and … Continue reading

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Green Garlic Toast

I saw this recipe on another CSA news letter and knew I had to make it.  I love compound butters  (scroll down about halfway on that page to see ideas on compound butters) and I love green garlic. This was so … Continue reading

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Easy Green Garlic and Greens Risotto

This is a really easy one dish meal or side dish. I think this is every bit as good as risotto made on the stove that you stand over and stir for a half an hour and that takes several … Continue reading

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The Farm in Miniature

Happy Spring Everyone! I wanted to share some photos from the farm. We are gearing up to plant like there is no tomorrow.  I spent a couple hours weeding the delicious garlic that will make an appearance in your CSA … Continue reading

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Harvesting Garlic Scapes and Grilled Garlic Scape Pesto

“What are garlic scapes”? We are asked this question at CSA pickup and at the Market probably more than any other question I can think of. The scape is the part of the garlic plant that is trying to bud. … Continue reading

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Green Garlic

What do I do with Green Garlic? Being in a CSA opens you up to vegetables you sometimes have never encountered. For new CSA members green garlic is often one of those vegetables. Green garlic is young garlic that has … Continue reading

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Garlic as a Vegetable

There is quite a bit of folklore surrounding garlic, touting it’s health benefits and even it’s ability to ward off vampires. Regardless of whatever magical powers it may possess- real or imagined, let’s talk about garlic it is most simple … Continue reading

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Cauli-Power Sauce

Every so often I see a recipe or idea trending on food blogs turning up again and again. I have seen several variations of this cauliflower based sauce on several food blogs. I have made it a few times and every … Continue reading

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