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Cauli-Power Sauce

Every so often I see a recipe or idea trending on food blogs turning up again and again. I have seen several variations of this cauliflower based sauce on several food blogs. I have made it a few times and every … Continue reading

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Sorrel and Garlic Scapes Pesto

This week, and probably next, you will be getting either garlic scapes or green garlic. See my previous post on both here on how they grow. Scroll down a bit past the recipe. Sorrel is probably the one item on … Continue reading

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Garlic Scape White Bean Spread and Dip

Hmmmmm garlic scapes. We had green garlic a week or so ago. This week we are getting garlic scapes. This garlic was planted last fall and has been growing all winter. Garlic scapes are the stalk of hard neck garlic … Continue reading

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Walking Onions and Green Garlic

This week you will be getting Egyptian walking onions and green garlic as part of your CSA share. They look similar don’t they? The green garlic is on the right and the walking onions are on the left. The green … Continue reading

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Garlic Scape Pesto

Our favorite way to use garlic scapes. Continue reading

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