Green Garlic

What do I do with Green Garlic?

Green Garlic

Being in a CSA opens you up to vegetables you sometimes have never encountered. For new CSA members green garlic is often one of those vegetables.

Green garlic is young garlic that has been harvested before it is allowed to mature into separate cloves. It looks a lot like  the walking onions we got in this weeks CSA share, and is a little bigger and more bulbous that scallions.

Green garlic has a mild garlic flavor and is much more tender than fully mature garlic that will be harvested later. You can use the whole green garlic plant. Unlike mature garlic, where you can use only the cloves.

I like to chop up my whole bunch of green garlic so it is easy to grab for any dishes I make needing onions, scallions or garlic. Here my bunch is cleaned….Cleaned Garlic

…then chopped and ready to use.

Chopped Garlic

These will keep it in a sealed container the refrigerator for about a week chopped up like this. Throw them in everything! Their spring fresh flavor will make you happy and elevate any dishes you make.

Fried Eggs

Even simple dishes.

Have a great week. Leave a comment and let me know what you did with your green garlic, or any of your CSA bounty you got this week.


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  1. Ilana Bram says:

    I made them in baked beans last night. Fried them up, added beans, spices, fat, and water, and cooked on low for a while until the green garlic softened. There were no leftovers :-)

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