Glazed Carrots

Here is another picture recipe. This is a simple really way to cook your carrots, one notch up from steaming. It’s probably my favorite way to eat cooked carrots.

Start with some great carrots.

Hello gorgeous. red wagon carrots

Wash and cut the carrots into bite size pieces and cut an orange in 1/2 and juice both 1/2’s. I just took a picture of one 1/2 so it looks confusing, sorry. You can use apple juice or cider if you don’t like orange. I just had an orange today. You need at least a couple tablespoons and up to 1/4 cup of juice for one bunch of carrots.

cut into pieces

Steam the carrots in lightly salted water, use enough water to just cover the bottom of your pan and cook the carrots for 4 or 5 minutes. Cover the pan with a lid while they are cooking. cooking in pan

My Mum told me to cook vegetables that grow under ground with a lid on and vegetables that grow above ground without a lid. So, that is what I do, and you probably should too.

Drain the just cooked carrots.


I like to toast some nuts to go with the glazed carrots. You can skip this step if you like. Just toast any kind of nut in the pan you cooked the carrots in until your nuts smell toasty.

toast nuts

Take the nuts out and set them aside for a minute while you finish the dish.
Whack a knob of butter into the same pan you have been using. How much you use is between you and your waistline.

melt butter

Add the steamed and drained carrots and the juice from the orange. It will spatter so beware of the steam, it all comes together quickly. See the top right bubbly stuff in the pan? That is the juice caramelizing I was taking pictures and not stirring so this probably won’t happen to your carrots.

add carrots back in

Stir everything together adding the nuts, if you used them, back to the pan.

mix it all together

…and serve.
serve with garnish

If you look really closely at the last two photos you can see little bits of orange that is glazed and caramelized. The next time I do this I think I will cut 1/2 the orange up and juice 1/2. The cooked, glazed orange bits were delicious. Oh! Gack! I forgot to zest the orange and add that in with the nuts!

Dang…if you do this, use your orange zest.

Enjoy your vegetables this week.

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