Collecting clothes for farm worker kids

Two of our farm workers are having babies in September. I’m collecting clothes and other baby items for them. And while I’m at it, I’m collecting clothes for other farm worker children at our farm. Below is a list of specific items that people have requested. But we’ll gladly take clothing for kids of any age (boy & girl). If none of our farm worker kids can use them, we will pass the items on to other farms or make sure they get donated.

Newborn girl (there will be 2 baby girls in September)
–I’m sure any other items for a newborn would be helpful, too!

1 year old girl
–clothes (size 24 months)
–shoes (size 4 1/2)

7 year old girl
–clothes (size 8)
–shoes (size 3)

You can bring items to CSA pickup or drop them off at our farm stand on 63rd St. Or we can make other arrangements if neither of these options work for you. Thank you so much for your help! I know our farm workers really appreciate it!


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