Jimmy Nardello Italian Frying Peppers

One of the sweet peppers we grow at Red Wagon is called Jimmy Nardello aka ‘Jimmy’s’. It is classified as an Italian Frying pepper, it looks like this.

Jimmy’s are long irregularly ‘finger’ shaped, medium thick walled very sweet almost fruity flavored peppers. They are about twice the size of a shishito.

In my mind they are more versatile than a shishito. You can prepare and eat them like a shishito. Pan fry them whole in olive oil and a little salt, hold them by the stem and enjoy.

One of my favorite ways to eat Jimmy’s is to cut them in half and seed them.

Fry them cut side down with a little olive oil and salt until they are a little soft.

Then flip them over and add some mozzarella, provolone or Manchego cheese and cook until it is all melty.

Jimmy’s are much more flavorful than bell peppers, even better than red bells IMO, so they are good in egg dishes like omelets or scrambles , add them to roasted or pan fried potato dishes, pizza, sandwiches or any pasta dish.

I made a simple marinara sauce last night and added some Jimmy’s. Unless I am putting cheese in Jimmy’s I leave them basically whole. I cut the stem off and dig the seeds out with my fingers then rinse them in water to get the seed all the way out.

You can see I kind of broke the wall of the pepper to get the seeds out. That’s ok. I think it is easier than cutting them in half and seeding and I like the texture of the pepper cut into rings for the most part.

I fried those and added some sauce and eggplant I had in the refrigerator.

Bell peppers are good, but Jimmy Nardello’s are special. I hope you try them.

Have a great week, see you at pickup.


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