Shishito Peppers

One of the restaurants we sell to asked Wyatt to grow these peppers and boy am I glad he did. This is probably my favorite new crop this year. These are mild and so flavorful. The seeds of most peppers are bitter and you almost always discard them. But the seeds of the Shishito pepper are almost a caviar texture, creamy and succulent and very juicy. They are a thin-walled pepper, sort of like a Jimmy Nardelo if you are familiar with those. I prefer the Shishito pepper to the Jimmy.

You can grill the Shishito or just pan sear them. I have done both and both are equally delicious.

Just heat a pan with some olive oil in it and put your washed peppers in the hot pan.


Sear the peppers on all sides. The peppers will puff up and some even pop open, that’s ok.

Seared in Cast Iron

Now you can just eat them as a side dish or snack. Eat the whole pepper, but not the stem!

Salted and Ready

Or you can cut them up and add them to a dish like you would any roasted pepper. I made some eggs and added these to the eggs.

Top the Chiles

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