CSA Week 17

Hello CSA Members!

The mornings are getting chilly at the farm and we’re thankful for it. Our tomatoes are slowing down, the zucchini plants are turning yellow, and the cantaloupe is just about gone. Fall is in the air.

Bell Peppers

Yellow Bell Peppers

Here is what we *hope* to bring you for Week 17 of our CSA:

CHOICE: Basil OR Parsley OR Spicy Peppers OR Garlic OR Other Herbs
CHOICE: Sweet Carmen Peppers OR Sweet Jimmy Nardello Peppers OR Yellow Bell Peppers
CHOICE: Eggplant OR Zucchini
CHOICE: Cucumber OR Bell Peppers
CHOICE: Potatoes OR Onion
CHOICE: Tomatoes OR Tomatillos OR Shishito Peppers OR Melon OR Green Tomatoes
Roasted Anaheim Chiles
CHOICE: Kale OR Collard Greens OR Chard

CHOOSE TWO: Basil OR Parsley OR Herbs OR Blossoms OR Spicy Peps OR Garlic
Potatoes AND Onion
CHOOSE TWO: Kale OR Collard Greens OR Chard
CHOICE: Carrots OR Beets

Peaches and Apples

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