Spiralized Kohlrabi and Zucchini

I know lots of you have spiralizers because every year when zucchinis are plentiful I hear many of you say “Yay zucchini! I”ll spiralize it!!”.

I don’t have a spiralizer but I borrowed one this week to see what all the fuss is about and you know what?

I think I am probably going to get one. I am not big on kitchen gadgets but I do love my mandolin It’s fast and I love the uniform slices. I thought I could do anything a spiralizer can do with my mandolin or a knife.

Today I made a couple of old recipes on this site and used the spiralizer instead of chopping or grating the vegetables. You can still chop or grate the vegetables for these or any recipe using a spiralizer, it’s not better-just different.

I made this broccoli slaw with kohlrabi instead of broccoli. People at pick-up often ask what do I do with kohlrabi?  One of my favorite things is to make a slaw. So I thought I would show you how you can sub kohlrabi for broccoli in any dish. Boy what an upgrade the spiralized kohlrabi is in this slaw. The texture is so crisp and clean we couldn’t stop eating it.


Next I made some zucchini fritters. I make these all the time and grate the zucchini with the food processor. Using the spiralizer was so much easier and much less clean up. There was much less water loss with the spiralizer and more zucchini taste.


They look better than when I make them with grated zucchini.


I’m going to continue to play with this for a few more days before i return it to my friend. I want to make some ‘zoodles’ and see what that is about. I also  want to try some spiralized turnips with this recipe, one of my favorites.

What are your thoughts on a spiralizer? Yes or no? Leave a comment or tell me at pick-up.


Have a great week.







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  1. Amy says:

    You’ll have to tell us which spiralizer you buy! I do love my mandolin, but I always worry that I am going to slice my fingers off with it!!

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