Broccoli Slaw with Buttermilk Dressing

Like everyone else in America we are BBQ’ing this weekend with Family and Friends. I love coleslaw with BBQ. I love the fresh crunch of cabbage with a light, creamy dressing. We got broccoli and onions in our CSA share, so instead of using cabbage for my ‘coleslaw’ I’m using my broccoli and an onion. All I have to do is chop them up and make the dressing.

Start with your broccoli and an onion or two.


I like to peel the tough parts of my broccoli stalks , but you can use just the tops, or forget about peeling the stalks if you don’t mind the extra fiber!


I don’t peel too much, just the bottom bits. Now, chop all that up into bite size pieces.


Now make your favorite buttermilk dressing recipe, or use mine! This is kind of thin, I like it like that. If you want yours thicker use more mayonnaise and less buttermilk.

Buttermilk Dressing
1/2 cup buttermilk, well-shaken
1/3 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons vinegar, I usually use white, or cider
1 tablespoon honey

Optional add-in ingredients to the dressing or slaw are:

Onions or shallots-I am going to add some extra onions to the dressing

Dried fruit-I have some dried sour cherries I am going to throw in

Nuts-I threw in some roasted pecans on top


Happy 4th Red Wagon Friends!



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