Salad Sandwiches


I love sandwiches. I can eat them for  breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I like a plain fried egg sandwich, or a grilled cheese. This time of year I like to see how many vegetables I can cram into (onto?) a sandwich. On this sandwich I got a whole cucumber, a tomato, some onion and a jalapeno-cheese and mayonnaise too. Pretty much a salad on bread. Yeah, I ate that whole thing and yeah, that tomato was dripping down my elbows. I had to hunch over the counter to keep it from dripping on the floor. I’ll eat my salad sandwich outside next time.


Most salad sandwiches benefit from slicing the vegetables up as thin as possible. I like to use this cheap mandoline slicer and vegetable peeler. I am not a big kitchen gadget person, but I love these tools.


Another way I like to make salad sandwiches is to use a ciabatta roll. I hollow out the top half so I can fill up the vacant area with vegetables. I spread some goat cheese on the bottom roll before I put on the roasted beets to keep the roll from getting soggy.


I added some cucumbers, carrots and egg and some hummus on the top of the roll.


It kind of hugs all the salad stuff. This was a well behaved sandwich and wasn’t messy.


This is one of my favorites.


It is grilled bread topped with melted cheese then tomatoes, herbs, salt and pepper and a little olive oil.


We had this with shishitos and beer. It was a perfect Summer meal.

Have fun and be creative with your CSA bounty. See you at pick up.






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