Ways To Make The Most Of Your CSA

Last week I suggested having a look around the recipe section on our website for ideas on managing your CSA. I hope you had a minute to do that. 

Here are a couple more ideas I hope you will find useful in keeping organized and not overwhelmed. 

Have a salad spinner (Wyatt’s says you need two!), a good cutting board, a couple really good knifes, a large stock pot and a big mixing bowl. I love my mandolin, it is very inexpensive and you can whip up a salad or a fancy sandwich in no time. I highly suggest getting one. 

The day before I pickup my CSA I like to clean out my refrigerator, especially all the vegetables and fruits. I chop up anything that will go bad in the very near future and make a salad or soup. That is what I was doing in the above picture. My CSA pickup is tomorrow so I snapped that picture and this one below after I tidied up my refrigerator.

The two green containers in the middle have a salad I made with last weeks bits and some greens I quickly steamed that I can add to eggs or make a yummy grilled cheese and greens sandwich. 

I’m steaming the greens here. It takes up a lot less room when you cook them down. 

CSA’s are all about using what you have. I am sure we have all learned in the past couple of months what pantry staples each of us rely heavily on. Here are some of mine, probably yours too. 

Citrus and vinegar brightens any dish up. Grains and legumes have been the backbone of so many meals pre, but more so post-covid. Canned tomatoes I can’t live without. Eggs make any vegetable or grain or pasta dish a meal and more satisfying.

And herbs; using herbs in the past couple months became something that anchored me. I can’t really explain it but a little parsley or chives on some eggs or a boring pasta dish brightened my day. I never want to be without some basic herb in my life. 

Now that you are ready for this weeks pickup have a look at this post to see how I wash, trim and store my share. 

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions or tips you might have using your CSA share. 

Have a great week. I’ll see you at pickup.


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