Grilled Cheese and Kale Sandwich

I wrestled with myself whether to blog this or not. I mean, really? A grilled cheese sandwich?

So I made it and took a bite an thought. Yeah, this is probably worth sharing.

grilled cheese and kale

Kale, spinach, or chard crammed onto a sandwich is very satisfying. You can use any combination of greens and add an infinite variation of any other filling. The only ‘trick’ is how to keep it from falling apart without using TONS of cheese on both sides of the bread. You need some sort of ‘food glue’.

butter the inside

For this sandwich I sautéed kale and onions and put some cheese on a piece of very lightly buttered bread. The cheese on the bottom will melt and hold your filling to that side of the sandwich. For the top side I put a little smear of sour cream to act as the glue for the filling. You could use cream cheese, avocado, or hummus. Use your imagination.
Chard, apple, and cream cheese is good. I am all about easy light dinners and this is a favorite served with some tomato sauce on the side for dipping.

super sandwich

Thanks for looking. Leave a comment if you try this.

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  1. Piebird says:

    oh yeah! looks yummy, and have I got kale coming up now!

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