Hello 2018 CSA Memebers. I’m Mo McKenna. I write a weekly CSA food blog for the Red Wagon Farm. I also work at the Thursday CSA pick-up at the Farm.

Whether you are new to CSA or old pro, I hope you find my blog ideas useful. If you have any suggestions or question please let me know.

For the next 23 weeks we will hopefully (baring any crop failures) bring you a large variety, and amount, of vegetables. Week 1 share is full of an amazing variety and amount.

I like to trim, wash and store my vegetables as soon as I get home from CSA pick-up. It takes up less refrigerator room that way and it makes for easy addition of vegetables to  meals or snacks.

I got kale, hakurei turnips, bok choi,


Green garlic, and walking onions.


I trimmed and washed them.


Here they are bagged ready to store in the refrigerator. Much more manageable size, right?


Before I put stuff away I pulled out some of this weeks bounty for a really simple dinner. I made a miso soup with rice noodles and added my CSA vegetables. It’s kind of a riff on this soup I posted years ago.

I cut up enough vegetables for two of us. I use what I get, I don’t worry if they will ‘go’ together, they will. I just use what I have, and I had miso, rice noodles, eggs, and these vegetables. So I cut them up and sauteed them briefly.

And added them to the miso and noodles and put an egg on it. Bam, a delicious dinner in no time.


Have a great week.


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