Shirred Eggs with Spinach

I got this recipe idea from a friend of mine Kayann Short who is co-owner/farmer of Stonebridge Farm in Lyons Colorado. Stonebridge Farm is the second oldest CSA Farm in Colorado. I think they are going on their 20th year, maybe 21st. She posted this to her CSA memebers a few weeks ago. The original recipe came from ‘Eat Well, Eat Happy: 100 Ways to Enjoy the Healthy Foods You Love, by Charity Ferreira’.
Thanks Kayann!

The only change I made was using 1/2 and 1/2 instead of cream because that is what I had. Next time I think I would put a little parmesan cheese on top and use more spinach and 2 eggs and have it for dinner. The 1/2 and 1/2 (or cream if that is what you use). Makes sort of a sauce with the spinach. The spinach sort of melts and has a nice sweetness from the baking. This will be a quick go to dinner I think. You could also make this with any green, like kale or chard.

Shirred Eggs with Spinach and Paprika – serves 4

shirred eggs

Olive oil spray
1 1/3 cups baby spinach leaves, coarsely chopped (4 oz)
4 extra-large farm fresh eggs
2 T. heavy cream
Salt and freshly ground pepper
Paprika, for sprinkling
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Coat insides of four 6-oz ramekins generously with olive oil spray. Put about 1/3 cup spinach in each ramekin and crack an egg into each ramekin over the spinach. Drizzle 1/2 T. cream over each egg and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and paprika.

Bake until egg whites are firm and yolks are as runny or firm as desired, 10-14 minutes. Serve at once.
*Anticipate the dish to be very hot and set it on a tea towel or napkin when you serve it. If you are serving this to a kid I would put it right on a plate and not use the baking dish.
* The recipe doesn’t say, but I really chopped up my spinach and smooshed it into the baking dish to get as much in my 1/3 cup of spinach. If you don’t chop and smoosh you will obviously have less spinach!

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5 Responses to Shirred Eggs with Spinach

  1. kayann short says:

    Thanks for featuring this recipe, Mo! Stonebridge is in our 22nd season. That makes us the grandparents of CSA lol. Have a great season!

  2. mo says:

    22 years! Hooray for Stonebridge!!
    Thanks for looking at the blog!

  3. It’s also possible to prepare this on the stovetop. You can get lots more greens into the serving that way. After adding the eggs, cover the skillet to allow the eggs to poach.

  4. Piebird says:

    what’s the oldest Colorado CSA farm? love having more egg cooking ideas for either brunch or supper! thanks!

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