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Baked Winter Squash Oatmeal

I like to make this on Christmas morning. It’s easy to throw together, only takes a few minutes to make and the house smells great while it’s baking. I set out different toppings like yogurt, butter and maple syrup, nuts, … Continue reading

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Batch Roasting Vegetables

There are endless ways to use roasted vegetables. I like to make a weekly big batch of roasted vegetables, especially in the winter, to be able to quickly create several healthy, vegetable dense meals all week and just cook once! … Continue reading

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Asparagus and Spring Herbs Two Ways

Is everyone enjoying the lovely asparagus and herbs we got in our CSA share as much as I am? It’s so great to have fresh vegetables and herbs again! I made a couple really simple dishes with my asparagus. I … Continue reading

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Braised Brussels Sprouts and Leeks

I love braising vegetables. It is a simple mostly hands off preparation method.  My favorite part of braising vegetables is that you get a bonus sauce or glaze that elevates the dish beyond roasting or steaming. This dish is good … Continue reading

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Coconut Bacon

Crispy, smoky, salty and a little sweet. So many salad and vegetable main and side-dish recipes call for bacon. If you are anything like me, at least 1/2 my family and friends are non-meat eaters. Bacon does bring a chewy … Continue reading

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Hazel Dell Mushroom Add-On Share

I had a few people at pick-up ask me about the mushrooms share. I showed them the bag we were giving to the members that week who choose this add on option. But, I thought it might be better to … Continue reading

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Vegan Cashew Aioli/Cream Sauce

Wyatt and I were talking about cashew aioli and cashew sauce the other day so I thought I would post a basic recipe for it. You can start with this recipe and add herbs or spices. Substitute different oils for … Continue reading

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Grilled Vegetable Lasagna

One of the challenges of being in a CSA is using the combination of vegetables you are given in a certain week. You need to think outside of the ‘recipe box’ to use what you are given and not shop … Continue reading

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