Grilled Vegetable Lasagna

One of the challenges of being in a CSA is using the combination of vegetables you are given in a certain week. You need to think outside of the ‘recipe box’ to use what you are given and not shop for certain ingredients. This dish is an example of what you can make out of any combination of vegetables from your share.

This was very simple. It took me less than 5 minutes to put together. You could use any combination of the vegetables, add different cheeses, use more or less sauce or add tomatoes, anything you want.

Here where I started.
I had some grilled kale and walking onions. I chopped them up a little.
kale and onions

I gathered what I had on hand to make lasagna.

eggs and ricotta

Mixed the eggs with the ricotta.

add vegetables

And started layering the ingredients.


You have to smoosh the layers down before adding more or the lasagna falls apart when you cut it.


I only had one jar of tomato sauce and I thought the lasagna would be a little dry. So if your lasagna looks like this you might want to add a little liquid like more tomato sauce or broth, or even water. Those oven ready lasagna noodle suck up a lot of liquid.


I added (a little too much) wine.

with wine


I baked that for about an hour in a 350F preheated oven. and this is what I got.


Easy tasty, and good leftovers.

Have a great week and enjoy your vegetables.


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  1. You might remind people about the info from last year about massaging kale to use in salads

  2. mo says:

    Thanks! have you made the massaged kale salad?
    The recipe section and look under ‘kale’ the blog is there. Maybe I’ll do a variation?
    Thanks for the suggestion.

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