Hazel Dell Mushroom Add-On Share

I had a few people at pick-up ask me about the mushrooms share. I showed them the bag we were giving to the members that week who choose this add on option. But, I thought it might be better to take few pictures of the mushrooms out of the bag to better show what you get.

You get about 1/2 a pound of mushrooms. The varieties change most weeks, and honestly that make it really fun. This is a picture of my share last week.


I have been getting a bi-weekly mushroom share for 3 years and I love how it compliments the vegetables. It really helps me round out meals. I almost always do the same thing with my mushrooms. I chop them up and pan roast them with whatever garlic or onion we got that week.

This is what it looks like cooked. I get about a generous cup of cooked mushrooms.

IMG_1134I add them to greens, or pizza, or any egg dish. Eggs, kale or chard and mushrooms on toast is one of our favorite meals during CSA season.

Have a great week.


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