Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad

We have a bumper crop of Brussels Sprouts this year and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I love Brussels Sprouts roasted, pan fried, blanched, braised and raw. I think B sprouts might be my favorite green vegetable.

If you like kale salad you will like Brussels sprout salads. I make B sprouts salad exactly the same way I make kale salad, like the ones here and here and here and here; shred the greens, make a dressing, massage the dressing into the greens, add nuts and dried or fresh fruit if you like,  and some sort of firm cheese and enjoy.

I’ll post a few pictures of the process, you don’t really need a new recipe, use any of the above links for kale salad (or make up your own recipe!) and sub Brussels Sprouts for the kale. They are all really tasty.

First you need to pop the sprouts of the stock of the plant. I have been finding that I get about a quart of sprouts, more or less, per stock and that is plenty for at least 4-6 generous portions.


Make a vinaigrette and shred the sprouts. You can shred them with a knife, get them as thin and you can, or use a food processor with the cutting blade, not the shredding blade. The shredding blade is to fine and makes mush out of the sprouts.

Mix the sprouts and vinaigrette in a bowl big enough to really toss everything in well.


I use my hands to mix everything up and really get the dressing on every part of the leaves. Mix it how you do when you massage kale salads. The sprouts get really bright green when you get it all massaged in really well.


Now add your nuts and cheese and whatever other extras you like.


And massage all that again.


Looking at that picture I wish I added some grapes or apples chunks, anyway. Now taste the salad very carefully. You really want to balance the acid and the oils in the vinaigrette and the salt and pepper too. It should taste bright, not tart,  but savory too.

Here are a few more photos of a warm salad I made with Brussels sprouts I followed this recipe.

Same thing; chop and dress the sprouts (taste and make sure it is balanced!).


Add the extras, I used lots of seeds and nuts and some dried fruit and I didn’t mix it I left the extras on top.


And added cheese.


And broiled it for 4 or 5 minutes.



It is melty and warm, but crunchy and fresh tasting.

I hope you are enjoying the Brussels sprouts bounty as much as I am.

Only 2 weeks left! Have a great week.







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