How to Prepare Celeriac aka Celery Root

Behold celeriac, also referred to as celery root. One of my favorite vegetables and also, one of the weirdest looking vegetables we grow. Weird but delicious. You can use celeriac in any root vegetable recipe; soups, roasted, puree or in slaws and salads.  You can use it alone or mixed with any other root vegetables. Its flavor is similar to a salad turnip but it also has a hint of celery-like freshness. That freshness is delightful and unexpected in a root vegetable dish. I love to mix different root vegetables together in soups and gratins.

An added bonus of this wonderful vegetable it is stores in your refrigerator for a really really long time, like months.

Don’t let it’s looks intimidate you. Celeriac isn’t much harder to deal with than a potato. Let’s break this task down. Grab your celeriac and a knife and peeler you are comfortable handling.

Put the celeriac on it’s side and lob off the bottom gnarly root. I cut at an angle to make a point at the bottom of the root, making sure to cut away from the hand holding the celeriac.

Then I used a peeler and peeled the smoother upper part of the root.

There are usually some areas where you can’t peel and there is some dirt to get rid of.

Just get your paring knife or the tip of your peeler and cut those out like you would an eye of a potato or a bad spot on a potato, easy peasy.

That’s it. You are ready to carry on with whatever recipe you are making.

If you are new to celeriac try making a simple mash or classic remoulade. I think you will really like the flavor.





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