Quick Pickled Onions and Pickled Onion Potato Salad

We have a bumper crop of onions at the Farm this year. Let’s use some of them up and make a quick refrigerator pickle.

IMG_2874This is a super simple pickle to make with only a few ingredients. A lot of refrigerator type pickles are hard for me to get a good balance of acid, sweet, and spice. I almost always find them too acidic and when I try to balance too much acid with something sweet, I never seem to get it right.

The ratios I used for this pickle are from a David Lebovitz recipe here except for the onion amount. I doubled the onions (I didn’t double anything else) and followed the rest of the recipe. I think these are the best, easiest, quick pickled onions I have made.

Start with your vinegar, sugar and whatever spices you  want to use and boil the mix until the sugar dissolves. 3/4 cup vinegar and 3 tablespoons of sugar and I added some pickling spices and crushed red pepper.


Chuck in your sliced onions and bring all of it to a boil for about a minute.


That’s it….done. The 7 onions I used made exactly one quart. Let that cool, put it in a jar in your refrigerator and eat it with just about everything.



I made a really nice potato salad with some of those cute little potatoes we got this week. I cooked potatoes and added sour cream, a little Dijon mustard, scallions and some pickled onions.



Everyone really liked this. Have a great week. Let me know what you  are making with your CSA vegetables when I see you at the pickups!








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