Rutabagas and Storing Winter Squash

Rutabagas might be new to some of you.


Rutabagas are a cross between a cabbage and a turnip. I think they taste a bit like broccoli, but they have a completely different texture than brocolli. I use them like I would a potato. Mash them, roast them, or add them into soups and stews with other root vegetables. Rutabagas add a great taste and texture to mashed potatoes. I posted a blog about rutabagas last year here you might want to check out.

Rutabagas will store in your refrigerator for a long time so don’t feel like you need to use them right away if you are overwhelmed with vegetables right now. They will be just fine a month from now.

Same with the winter squash you have been getting, they will store until at least Christmas. I sometimes hear people at pick-up saying, “I haven’t used up my squash from last week so I think I’ll swap mine this week”. Don’t swap it! Take it!! Winter squash will keep for a long, long time. This is how I store my squash.

storing squash

On a little shelf, off the floor in the garage. Don’t put them on the floor in the garage. It gets too cold and the squash will start to rot where it is touching the floor. All these squash will store for at least 2 or 3 months in a cool dark area in a garage, or a cool area in your house. If you have pumpkins they won’t store as long, so you might want to use the pumpkins before you use your winter squash. You can almost always interchange pumpkins for winter squash in most dishes.
Some houses I have lived in have a cool closet by the front or back door. That would be a good place to store you squash, until you use it, if you don’t have a garage.
However you use them, take them, store them, enjoy them! They are one of my favorite foods. I have lots of recipes here to use your winter squash up and there are tons more ideas and recipes out there.

Well, I guess this is really it. The end of a great season. Cheers, thanks, stay warm, have a restful off season and hopefully we will see you back here next year.
Thanks for reading my posts and all the great feedback!

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