Join our Winter CSA 2013-2014

We are ready to start taking memberships for our 2013-2014 Winter CSA. Click here to join.

Winter at Red Wagon

Winter at Red Wagon

Here are the quick details:

We will only have one pickup location during the winter and it will be at Red Wagon (7694 N 63rd St). The pickups will be 4-7 pm every other Thursday starting 11/21.

Veggies – We will have veggies for order at the pickups when we have them available. However, the weather can be so variable in the winter and we are not set up to commit to having veggies throughout the winter. You can join our Winter CSA (at no cost) if you just want to receive the emails telling you what veggies are available for order at each pickup. Click here to join.

We have created great partnerships with other farms and we want to make their items available to you over the winter. We will have:


On a different note, we are now hosting a raw milk pickup from Windsory Dairy at our farm. Red Wagon is not involved in producing the milk or collecting payments, we are simply acting as a pickup location for Windsor Dairy. We personally have been drinking raw milk from Windsor Dairy for about 5 years and think it is wonderful! Check the Windsor Dairy web page for more info on becoming a shareowner.

Please contact us with any questions. It will be fun to see you over the winter!

Amy & Wyatt

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  1. Katie Hegg says:

    I’m confused…so what exactly IS in the winter CSA? Or do we just come out and buy what’s available for purchase that week?

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