Swap Kohlrabi for Artichoke Hearts

I saw an intriguing kohlrabi article in Food52. It said, ‘When kohlrabi is boiled whole and then peeled, the flesh of the vegetable somewhat resembles artichoke hearts, both in flavor and texture.”

I had never heard of this analogy so of course I had to try it, and you know what? Boiled Kohlrabi does indeed have a similar taste and texture to that of artichoke hearts!

I made the recipe referenced in the article, except I didn’t boil the kohlrabi whole. My kohlrabi were really big so I halved or quartered them which was super easy to do, then I boiled them. When you boil them you peel them after they are cooked (all the way through) instead of trying to peel them before cooking or cutting them. Because my kohlrabi were so big, the biggest trick with these is to cook them so they are soft all the way through, it took about 40 minutes.

Here are some photos. Boil the kohlrabi until it is completely cooked through.

It becomes sort of translucent when it is thoroughly cooked. Drain it and cut it into bite size pieces.

I did make the marinaded kohlrabi in the recipe I posted at the beginning of this post. I only made half the amount of marinade it called for.

I also made this spinach ‘artichoke’ dip a couple times over the Christmas holidays. It was a huge HUGE hit at both gatherings. I simply swapped the kohlrabi for artichoke hearts and kale for the spinach (that’s what I had). I made this dip last night, doubling the amount of artichoke hearts called for with lots of chopped boiled kohlrabi. Easy peasy and so good.

I had some extra boiled kohlrabi so we just at it like we would artichoke hearts, dipped in lemon butter.

This might be my new favorite vegetable to play with. I want to try it in a creamy pasta like ceci de pepe sauce.

Well Friends, another year is in the bag. You are all so great and supportive of all we do, thank you so much.

I hope to see next year. Until then, be well and happy.

With gratitude.





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