Thank you for a great Winter CSA!

Thank you so much for being a part of our third Winter CSA season! I think it was a huge success! I’m glad we got to keep seeing you for a few months even after most of the activity in the fields has slowed down. Our Winter CSA has lasted for a different number of weeks each year. At the end of September we look at what’s in the fields and take a guess as to how much we’ll be able to harvest and put into cold storage. We also look at how many greens we think we’ll be able to plant in our caterpillar tunnels and greenhouses. (I think fresh greens are the highlight of our Winter CSA!) We took our best guess this fall and thought we could have really nice veggies for you through the end of December. We just barely made it on the greens!! Erin and Lena worked like crazy to harvest last Monday. They pulled every scrap of green leafy stuff they could find out of the caterpillar tunnels. Good thing because none of the greens survived in the tunnels after it got to -12° on Thursday night!

seed catalogsThe weather was nice enough today that Justin, Erin, and Javier were able to work on taking down the caterpillar tunnels. We should have a handful more of nice days to get the farm tucked in for the winter. Then it’s time to start looking through seed catalogs and dreaming of next season!

With gratitude,

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  1. Dawn Kimble says:

    The greens are definitely a highlight, Amy! Thank you to all of you for planting, cultivating, tending and harvesting all the delicious food. It’s so nice to enjoy the food and feel connected to the people growing it.

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