CSA Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love making dishes with vegetables I grew or got from my CSA share.

I thought I would pull together some Thanksgiving worthy dishes from our archives to maybe inspire you to cook with your local seasonal food.

My extended family is 1/2 vegetarians and 1/2 omnivores so we need two main dishes. I always cook a turkey for omnivores. One year for the vegetarians I made this pumpkin macaroni and cheese and everyone loved it. This cabbage panade has also been a big hit at our Thanksgiving table. Both these main dishes are rich enough and substantial enough to stand along side the rest of the Thanksgiving side dishes.

I have never blogged on this fun dish but I have made it for our vegetarian holiday meal several times and can highly recommend it. Pumpkin stuffed with everything good.

I almost always make a mixed root vegetable mash using whatever root vegetables I have in the refrigerator.  This makes me so happy.

Another really great potato dish that goes well with Thanksgiving food is this mashed potato and roasted green chili dish. If you have some green chilies frozen from this summer maybe trot them out this week!

I feel like you really need a hearty green salad to cut the rich food. This kale salad is perfect for Thanksgiving and rounds out any vegetarian main dish perfectly. I am saving my braising mix from last week to make it for our thanksgiving dinner. You could use collards or spinach, or a mix of any greens you like. This dish travels well and is fine served at room temperature.

This beet dish is so good with potatoes, can be made well ahead and brings some much needed acidity to the meal.

This celery salad would be great for non-cranberry lovers. Like cranberries, it will cut the richness of the rest of the meal. Bonus, it’s a pretty dish.

This Brussels sprout dish would be festive also. Sub cabbage or collards for the Brussels sprouts if you like.

Any roasted vegetable is welcome at Thanksgiving. This roasted cauliflower with the pumpkin macaroni and cheese will knock your socks off!  Roasted kohlrabi or parsnips are delicious too. These roasted Hakurei turnips are probably the most made dish on this website, everyone loves them.

Any roasted vegetable dish can be made ahead of time and quickly rewarmed.

Finally dessert. This parsnip cake is so delicious and feels like a hug from Mother Earth to me. Kai wanted it for her wedding cake but our parsnips weren’t ready, that’s how special this cake is.

This skillet apple crisp is a perfect end of a big meal, and if you want a classic ‘pumpkin’ dessert-here you go! Use any squash or pumpkin you like.

I have so much to be thankful for; abundant food, friends and family, health, furry friends, a home. And each of you, who give a local family farm your love and support.

Thank you friends. Happy Thanksgiving.


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