Lovely Parsnips


Parsnips are one of the longest growing crops we have, maybe the longest. We plant them in April, early April and they grow all spring and summer long and we finally harvest them in the fall after a frost or two.

Parsnips have a unique sweet and earthy flavor. They can be substituted for, or mixed with, any other root vegetable; potatoes, carrots, rutabagas, turnips, beets (what other root vegetables am I forgetting?). I love to mix any and all root vegetables in soups or  mashed together or roasted . These all are great with leeks and onions and shallots too. Oh, and winter squash! All of the fall vegetables are happy together in any dish or recipe. So, if you see a carrot recipe you like, feel free to sub parsnips or rutabagas if that is what you have.

Use your imagination, or just clean out your refrigerator, and make a lovely soup, or mash-up, or roast up some vegetables to eat during the week.


Last pick-up this week. Thanks for a great season.





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