Squash Blossom Quesadilla

We love squash blossoms here at Red Wagon and lots of you do too. But, it seems like at every pickup someone asks me, ‘what do you do with squash blossoms?”. I always say, just tear them up and throw them on anything, salads, eggs, quesadillas, pizza! They are so pretty and add such a delicate floral vegetal flavor to anything, I love them.

Fun, right?

Kai says she stuffs them with cheese and dips them in pancake batter and pan fries them. I did a blog post a long time ago on how I make stuffed squash blossoms.

Today I thought I would show you how I make quesadillas. You can use any kind of tortilla or cheese you have. I like corn tortillas but I have made my share of quesadillas from flour tortillas too. Here is what I had today.

Corn tortillas, squash blossoms, some onions and Manchego cheese, any cheese that melts will do. This made 6 corn quesadillas.

I like to sauté a little onion in oil until they are soft, then I add the squash blossoms to just wilt them. Lots of recipes say to cut off them stem, I love the texture and light zucchini flavor of the stem. I chop up both the blossom and stem up.

When that is just wilted heat up your quesadillas on both sides so the cheese starts to melt a little more evenly. Add the cheese and onion and blossom mixture.

I like to fold them in half, you can leave them whole and top them with another tortilla if you like. I did this.

When you see the cheese melting flip them over and cook them for an other minute or two until the tortilla is soft and the cheese is melty.

I like these with salads and salsa or a bowl of soup, maybe gazpacho or chili.

You can add beans or eggs to make it a more substantial dish too.

I hope you  take some squash blossoms home and whatever you do with them, have fun.

See you at pickup.


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