Mache and Claytonia

This week you will have a choice of getting a mix of claytonia and mache in your CSA share. You probably have never heard of these greens unless you have grown them yourself. I have never seen them for sale anywhere. They are a winter green that grow, very slowly in cool and cold weather. These are really young, you can see how tender and delicate they are.

They taste a little sweet and have a texture like a mix between very young lettuce and spinach, you can use them like you would baby lettuce or spinach. They don’t have a strong taste but the delicate freshness and texture is certainly a welcome addition to heavier winter meals. I have been adding them to top just about everything I eat, to add a bit of  green vegetable freshness to my meals. We made pizza the other night and usually top it with arugula but I used claytonia and mache, yum.

I have also made some really simple salads. I  dressed the greens with a little olive oil and wine vinegar and let the mache and claytonia stand out on their own. I wouldn’t use a heavy dressing on these greens.

Claytonia and mache are a delightful winter treat to get in our last CSA. I have had this bag of claytonia and mache for 5 days and it is fine. I think it will be fine for a few more days. So, I would say it lasts about as long as arugula.

Thanks for hanging with us this crazy 2020 year. Happy Holiday’s.  Be well and hopefully you will join us next year and we will be back to normal and we can see your smiles.

With love and gratitude.


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  1. alicia says:

    Hi Mo. Thanks for all the recipes and ideas! I’m a long time CSA member but I forget from year to year how I like to use Red Wagon veggies. I’ve made many of your suggestions, and shared them with my family. It’s been just great. Happy winter and early spring to you and yours. I always look forward to the beginning of the next CSA!

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