Thank You Winter CSA Members!

Kai and Jenny getting your CSA shares packed up for this afternoon.

Kai and Jenny getting your CSA shares packed up for this afternoon.

Thank you so much to everybody who joined us for our first ever Winter CSA! We think it was a huge success and I hope you agree with us! Our greens did great in our greenhouses and caterpillar tunnels and we were able to continue harvesting some of the heartier vegetables like carrots and radishes.

We decided to do a Winter CSA this year mainly because of the pandemic. We usually finish our CSA season at the end of October but continue to sell vegetables to restaurants until the end of the year. However, most restaurants are struggling so much right now that we knew we couldn’t count on that income for the farm. I also decided that I was not comfortable having our (crowded!) pumpkin patch this year so the farm lost that income as well. A Winter CSA was the obvious choice for us to distribute all the late-season produce in our fields and also replace some of the lost income for the farm. We are so happy we made this choice and look forward to having a Winter CSA in future years!

One of the big challenges of having a vegetable farm in Colorado is that we do not have year-round work for our farm crew. That means we start with a (mostly) new crew every season. Imaging training a whole new work force every year! The Winter CSA extended our work season by about 6 weeks which means that Kai (CSA manager) and Jenny (harvest manager) had a little more work and won’t have as much time off before full-time work starts again in mid-March. That means we have a better chance of keeping these awesome people for a few years!

The pandemic has been so hard on all of us. But one positive is that has forced a lot of us to try things outside our comfort zones. And thus the birth of our Winter CSA!

Wyatt and I hope you all have a safe winter and that we’ll see you again with some fresh veggies in May!


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3 Responses to Thank You Winter CSA Members!

  1. Lorraine says:

    I will do it again in a heartbeat. The veggies were amazing. You guys did such a great job!

  2. Dawn Kimble says:

    Thank you, Amy and Wyatt and crew for all the amazing food this year!

  3. Dorothy R Williams says:

    What a wonderful experience the Winter CSA has been. I’m so glad you thought of doing it!

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