Radish + Salt + Butter

Butter, salt and radish. Simple, classic, delicious.


This post is an ode to the humble radish.


I chop them up and throw them in just about any salad. I love adding them to my avocado toast in the morning. Lots of coffee shops serve this very dish.


I saw this idea for butter dipped radishes and made it for a Father’s Day pre-dinner snack.  Everyone really loved them and they took about 5 minutes to make and were really super impressive looking. I’ll make these again and again I am sure.


I will trim the greens better next time to make them prettier. Opps. Funny that didn’t bother me when we were eating them. But now that I see the picture-ekk.

Much like the butter dipped radishes for an appetizer, I like to set out an array of radishes, butter, salt and bread to snack on with drinks before dinner.


People can grab what they like, just butter and bread or bread with slices of radish, or they can put a little butter on a radish and salt it sans bread.


Yup. Simple, classic, delicious.






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