Rhubarb Crumble Breakfast Yogurt

I have never posted a Fruit Crumble recipe because I figure everyone already has a favorite one. One your mom or grandma made probably. It is of course, interchangeable with any type of fruit or berry and you can serve it with ice cream, whipped cream, egg custard, or just alone.

I was talking with Lauren about crumble, as you do, and she nonchalantly commented how she has her crumble for breakfast, with yogurt.

Mic drop.

Mind blown. How have I never thought of this.


This should be on every breakfast menu.

Use your favorite recipe, add any nuts or seeds to up the protein, or don’t use any if you don’t like them. Use any grains or grain substitute, or make it gluten free.  Use honey, sugar, agave, applesauce, or any sweetener you like. Make it to your liking.

Just make it, and thank Lauren for the great idea.

See you at pickup.




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