Brown Butter Tomatoes and Corn

Last year a CSA member (hi Merrill!) told me she made a dish that knocked her socks off, it was just tomatoes and brown butter. I thought about it a few times and never made it until yesterday. Oh, my. My oh my. You need to make this.


The recipe is here  , you really don’t need a recipe though. Here’s what you do; brown some butter


then pour it over the ripest, most beautiful tomatoes you have and put salt and pepper on it and swoon. I had some leftover roasted corn and I thought; corn and butter are good-corn and brown butter are probably good too. I was right.


As we ate this we kept saying, “this is so good”. In one of the comments where the recipe is published someone said it is sort of reminiscent of lobster butter. Oddly it sort of is. I hope you try this.

Have a great week, see you at pickup.



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