Roasted Beet Salad

My middle daughter got married this weekend. The wedding festivities and cleanup went on until late Sunday night so I missed the CSA party yesterday.

The weather couldn’t have been better for a wedding or a CSA party. I hope lots of you enjoyed the day at the Farm. We had a great time at the wedding.
wedding dress

I thought I would share a salad I made for the wedding. The ceremony and party were in our backyard. We hired a wood fire oven and served personal pizzas for the wedding feast. My daughter and I made some salads to go with the pizza. This is the simple salad I made.

beet salad

I wanted something I could make ahead and throw together as I needed it during the celebration and not be bothered with lots of mess or prep and this worked out well. I roasted and diced the beets on Wednesday for a Saturday wedding. I made a strawberry vinaigrette with strawberries I had frozen from earlier this season. I dressed the beets with the vinaigrette the night before. I washed and spun dry lots of arugula and had some goat cheese from a friend and roasted some pecans. Here is everything prepped and ready to be thrown together as it is needed.


This was super simple, but pretty and was easy to eat off a plate on a picnic table. I had to replenish the salad 4 times during the night but it was easy because everything was ready.

This would be an easy dish to bring to a pot-luck or just have on hand for an easy side dish during the week.
Phew, what a weekend. I’m spent.

Please check out my past post on sunchokes as you will be getting those in your CSA share this week. Enjoy this great weather!

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