Braising Mix aka Spicy Salad Mix

I got an email asking for ideas on how to use the braising mix you got last week in your CSA share.

We get this question a lot so let’s try to demystify this offering.

To start with the name is confusing. Sometimes it is called Braising Mix and sometimes it is called Spicy Salad Mix. Braising Mix and Spicy Salad Mix are the same thing.
Here is my bag of braising mix/spicy salad mix dumped out.

braising mix

As with all your vegetables you want to wash your braising mix. Use lots of water because sand and grit can get stuck in the leaves. The stems should be tender enough that you won’t have to take them off. You can use the mix as is. No prep other that washing.

The mix of greens might change a little through the season but our braising mix usually has some kale, mustard, tatsoi and maybe arugula or chard.

Braising Mix, or Spicy Salad Mix can be eaten either raw or cooked. The greens are always young and tender in this mix, but add some bitterness and a little heat to a dish.

I blogged a recipe on this site for Spicy Salad Mix if you would like to try it raw. You need some strong flavors in your dressing and any added ingredients to stand up to this mix. Grains and beans go great with Spicy Salad mix.

You can substitute Braising mix for any recipe using kale, chard, spinach, or collards. Just know that when you use braising mix you will get a little bite and heat.

My favorite way to eat braising mix is to make some grains and while the grains are hot I add my braising mix so it just wilts and isn’t cooked, just soft.

I also like to use it in a Massaged Kale Salad.

I hope this helps. Keep those questions coming!

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