Summer’s Fresh Tomato Sauce

There is nothing better than a fresh tomato sauce, and this week you are getting tomatoes and basil in your CSA share. You could make this!
No long slow cooking needed when the tomatoes are this fresh. This is so simple and quick.

You only need a few ingredients.
A couple of beautiful tomatoes
An onion, shallot, or leek. My onion was kind of yucky on one side so I used 1/2 an onion
Some garlic, olive oil, and a handful of basil.

tomatoes basil garlic onions

Cut up your vegetables

onions and garlic

chopped heirlooms

Add them to a hot pan in this order;
olive oil

saute onions and garlic

Cook the onions until they are soft then add the garlic. The garlic can get bitter if you add it with the onions.

add tomatoes

When the onions are soft add the tomatoes

simmer down

Cook that down until the tomatoes collapse.

Toss in a handful of basil.

toss in basil

This is great on polenta and grilled vegetables. I’ll use about 1/2 of this for some eggplant rolls. That is a separate blog.
Enjoy the tomatoes this week!

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