Early Goodbye to Summer Crops

How are you doing? Wow. What a week-month-year 2020 has been.

A week ago Wyatt wrote how well summer crops were doing . I am sure he never dreamed a week later, we would have freezing temperatures and would be harvesting like crazy to save what we food we can, but that is exactly what has been happening at the farm this week.

We won’t know until the weather warms up what crops are lost or not, but almost certainly we will lose tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and the pepper plants. Some of the crops store better than others, so we will probably see some peppers in the next week or so. Peppers store well, tomatoes not so much.

If you follow Red Wagon on Instagram you’ll have seen all the melons harvested Monday.

We are doing the same with all the high summer vegetables, harvesting and trying to save and store what we can.

The good news is all the greens and root crops and brassicas will be fine in the snow and cold.

We will keep you updated how things are going at the Farm. Until then, enjoy the last of the high summer food.

See you at pickup.




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