Late Summer Farm Update

Dear CSA Members,

I wanted to say how much we appreciate all our members. Connecting with CSA members is often challenging but this year has been especially difficult with the virus lockdown. Normally a good number of members come to the farm for one of our 4 events but not this season. Not getting to interact with any CSA members is hard.

Despite not being able to personally connect, I think about the CSA almost constantly. Between making the CSA crop list and thinking about what needs to be planted so we won’t have weeks where we are short and checking the progress of crops to make sure they are growing well and will be harvestable I am always thinking about what the CSA needs and how to improve it.

For years I have been working on growing melons better. One of the things we noticed was the plants usually only made 2-4 melons per plant regardless of the size of the fruit. Different melons are bred to be different sizes. I decided that if we were only getting a few per plant that I might as well grow some of the large varieties since the production cost is the same. The first planting of melons is finishing, and the second planting of the larger variety is just starting. I think all 500-600 will ripen over the next 10 days! This evening I picked some seven-pound melons which are the largest we have grown. The heat and the variety have contributed to some great tasting large melons.

The peppers are out of control with 20 per plant on many of the plants. We are having a hard time keeping up with the picking. There are over 80,000 peppers to be picked!!! Some of the shishito peppers produce more than 50 per plant. Due to the heat, crops started early but might finish a little earlier than normal. This should be fine but was not something I expected and did not build into my crop plan.

Our first planting of corn was mostly eaten by red-winged blackbirds, so you did not get much. The second planting did not come up well and the third and fourth plantings are doing well. We should have some sweet corn again next week and then more in mid to late September.

I hope you are enjoying your shares. The crew have been doing a great job of getting shares picked and packed.














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